This blog is intended to document our adventures in Italy, where we will attempt to live for two months this summer despite our limited understanding of the language (although Jen will be fine as long as the conversations centre around colours and farm animals).

We will be staying in Umbertide, one of the larger towns in Umbria, close to the border with Tuscany.  This area area is known for its pleasant climate, fresh food, good wine and beautiful scenery.

We’d like to thank our friend Jeremy Young, and his parents Susan and Christopher Young, for helping us find an apartment away from all of the tourists.  Their beautiful villas can be seen on their website – Valtiberina Villas.

While we are making our way down to Italy, we hope that you also enjoy a few posts about England, as Jen learns about unique cultural differences (e.g., Bullseye prizes, orange Smarties, feather fascinators and Easter eggs) and key English vocabulary (e.g., “shandy,” “lorry,” “rocket” and “throwing shapes”).  Meanwhile, Adrian will share his passionate views on Birmingham architecture and a magic trick developed over lunch in Windsor.



While much of the blog will focus on our travels, we want to advise occasionally on new music discoveries and maybe even provide a few summer playlists.  On that note, the name for this site was inspired by LCD Soundsystem, whose song “All My Friends” seemed particularly apt.


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