Easter Eggs

My initial disappointment caused by the absence of glittery egg-dying kits in this country ended the moment that we entered the first chocolate shop on one of many egg browsing trips.  Apparently, bunnies are reserved for less personal gifts, and one must take great care in selecting the perfect (giant) egg for friends and family.  It is possible to end up with quite a few eggs.




Also, if you act like a clueless foreigner in the Bull Ring (Birmingham’s finest shopping mall) around Easter time, you will be provided with many cute chocolate samples to help better inform these important purchasing decisions.





Here are some more Easter egg related pictures.

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  • those look awesome! oh england, your sweets are the best.

  • Jen Klem. If this post is any indication of what’s to come, I CANNOT WAIT to see more. I’m especially interested in bizarro posts regarding odd foods, baubles, trinkets, and snacks.

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