A Shropshire Lad

Shropshire is a county located in the heart of “Black Country” in West Midlands.  Adrian’s parents live in the picturesque village of Chesterton, within Shropshire, where they generously hosted me for many days.  Bridgnorth, the cosmopolitan hub of the area, is a short ride from Chesterton, if you are not held up by horses en route.



Bridgnorth is one of my favorite places to visit in Shropshire because of the cliff railway from low-town to high-town.


The railway is currently up for sale for about £700,000, which could be a wise investment, especially as I would consider serving up cocktails instead of tea in the adjoining room.

And how I love riding up it!









We had the pleasure of visiting Bridgnorth on a couple of occasions, primarily to fit Adrian’s stylish new eyeglasses, but also in pursuit of a fascinator for the Royal Wedding (I didn’t find one under £200).  We also enjoyed a nice dinner out with the Willoughbys at the King’s Head, where I had a taste of black pudding for the second time.  It basically tastes like a rich American-style Thanksgiving stuffing.  Not sure why—sage and animal fat?

At home, in Chesterton, we had quite a lot of fun taking Jess & Millie Willoughby, the black labs, for walks.

Watching Millie leap through the yellow fields of Brassica napus reminded me of dolphin-watching off of the Venice Pier.


Other photos of Bridgnorth and Chesterton can be viewed here.

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