The Royal Wedding

Jen could barely sleep the night before the big event, and eagerly woke up to catch the parade of royals making their way to Westminster.  Rather than battling the hordes of tourists in London, we opted for a country-chic bash hosted by the fabulous Chris, local fashionista and socialite of Chesterton.










The party at Chris’ consisted of a rather dignified match of croquet—Adrian’s mum and town historian, George, beat us by a hair, even though Adrian took the rules & regulations very seriously.









The wine and champagne flowed for 8 hours, and we dined on an array of quiches, baked potatoes, salads, cheese, strawberries, and surprisingly, chili and BBQ.









The neighbors were mystified by Adrian’s combination of these two latter ingredients.

Jen’s accent was quite a hit; somehow everyone’s memories of America seemed to center around Vegas.

Overall, English people seemed to genuinely admire the royal couple and enjoy the celebration, and not just because of the resulting day off of work.  Even the sheep seemed in top spirits.


You can view more photos of the special day and Chris’ lovely fete here:

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