We spent my first night in England at the Sir Christopher Wren, a historic hotel in Windsor on the River Thames, eating crisps and salad, and wondering if our neighbor down the street, the Queen, was doing the same.








The hotel was named after one of England’s most famous architects and Adrian’s favorite fellow alumnus.  Adrian is very fond of repeating one story in particular, where Wren was commissioned to build the Windsor Guildhall.




Wren had designed the building so that it would be adequately supported by exterior columns underneath, but the local Council insisted that interior columns were necessary as well.  After some disagreement, Wren complied with the demand to build extra supporting columns, but to prove his point, constructed them just short of actually touching the ceiling.




The Guildhall is the site of the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

On my first full day in town, we were fortunate enough to witness the changing of the guard (“guard mounting”) during our stroll around the Windsor Castle.


The guards wore bearskins on their heads, not to be confused with busbies, or other military hats (Jen is wearing a fusilier’s seal skin).


Here are some other pictures from around Windsor.

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